Welcome to our completely redesigned Clinical Care Web Service. We would like to thank the many supporters who have visited our site over 3.5 million times during the past 9 years.

Our free public library and treatment protocol services have been discontinued as of October 2009. We will provide links to public sites that specilise in offering such information.

Our new site will provide services that are focused on our clients and patients. The private (secure login) section will offer our patients:

  • Access and update facilities for their personal information
    (eg. Medical aid details, contact details ect.)
  • The facility to communicate directly with the innovirInstitute in confidence.
    (bypassing their own e-mail address)

A three tiered patient card service [ White, Blue, Platinum ] was launched in January.

We will expand the private (secure login) section to offer our Blue and Platiunum patients a range of new services including:
  • Follow the progress of their treatment. [ will be available for Platinum card holders ]
  • Make online bookings for regular Follow-up Consultations and be able to plan future appointment schedules within their profile. [ will be available for Platinum and Blue card holders ]
  • Look up clinical trial appointments that have been set down for them on the clinical trial program. [ will be available for Platinum and Blue card holders ]
  • Monitor when their prescription or their medication will run out. [ will be available for Platinum card holders ]
  • Purchase medication online and arrange for it to be delivered to a physical address of their choice. [ will be available for Platinum card holders ]
  • Access electronic copies of their scans (eg. X-Rays ect). [ will be available for Platinum card holders ]
  • Obtain further information specific to their treatment. [ will be available for Platinum card holders ]
  • This avoids the need to search through large public information sites as only the information relevant to each individual’s needs will be available.
  • Access copies of their invoices and their statement. [ will be available for Platinum and Blue card holders ]
  • Access copies of all reports issued on their behalf [ will be available for Platinum card holders ] ;
    Our responsibility is to provide clinical care and not to secure funding for treatment.
    That responsibility rests with the patient and the funding product he/she has chosen [eg. Medical Aid Schemes, savings, or Insurance products].
    These organisations require regular reports and many application forms ect.
    Once we have completed such a document, we will submit it once electronically to the funding organisation.
    Should the funding organisation mislay this document or require a copy, the patient can now simply retrieve a copy from his only innovir profile and resubmit it to them.
Access to the site and use of the online services will be at no charge to the patient.

Some new technical features will be:
  • The site will be accessible using all major web browsers, even apple’s Safari Browser
  • There will be a PDA friendly version
  • There will be an apple iPhone friendly version
  • In 2010 we will introduce personal sms alerts
  • Secure “My Zone” login function.

Minimum requirements to benefit from this new service:

This service will only be available to registered (personal registration at our clinic) patients of the innovirInstitute.

Services are limited to a specifi tier of card [ White, Blue, Platiunum ]

The patient must be in possession of the new innovir patient card (credit card style)

The patient must have complied with FICA and RICA regulations:

  • Provide original identification (South African ID Book, or Passport). Driver’s licences are NOT accepted.
  • Provide proof of physical address (present a utility bill in their name at such an address)
  • Provide poof of a mobile phone number (that can receive sms messages) that is registered in their own name.
  • Provide proof of an e-mail address registered in their personal name or at their official place of employment.
    (free public e-mail services such as gmail, hotmail ect are not allowed