About us

The innovirInstitute, a registered Trust, is an independent organisation that combines innovative science with superior diagnostic and treatment facilities, and a new generation of educational products. It invests its financial, manpower and information technology resources in the field of HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases. Its three divisions link their considerable expertise to form a synergistic healthcare group that positively influences clinical outcomes and quality of life. This unique approach also benefits healthcare funders by ensuring optimal utilisation of financial resources.

innovirCare targets the large, unmet medical needs of people with HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases. Its principal specialist is Dr Steven Miller who supervises individual treatment programs. Together with a specially-trained team, Dr Miller also participates in internationally-conducted clinical trials.

innovirProtocol specialises in the production of guidelines and treatment protocols for use by healthcare funders, and educational material for pharmaceutical companies and care givers. These partnerships have made appropriate care more accessible to people in need. Continuing medical education and accredited training seminars are available for medical professionals. Specialised software solutions have also been developed to facilitate the roll-out and successful management of treatment programs such as carried out by the United Nations Global Fund and the World Health Organisation. These solutions have attracted numerous technology awards over the years.

innovirLaboratories specialises in tests for the diagnosis and monitoring of HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases. It provides a comprehensive point-of-care and referral service with a rapid turn-around time that streamlines the patient management process, lowers costs and enables the physician to make rapid clinical decisions. The laboratory is highly automated and uses state-of-the-art molecular biology techniques including viral genotyping. innovirLaboratories also participates in international evaluation programs of new diagnostic technology.