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How to navigate our Telephone and Voicemail System:

Our organization offers a very large spectrum of life sustaining services to 1500 direct and 5500 off-site patients. These services can be complex at times and require a full understanding of the procedures that must be followed by our patients and clients in order to gain access to these services.

We therefore have to ensure that such procedures are made available in as many ways as possible. Our telephone system has been designed to make available whatever information is required for a particular service as and when the patient wishes to access this particular service. It takes much less time to obtain such information from our telephone system than during a conversation with our team. Our team is very willing to go through such important information with the caller again whenever requested to do so. However this will then take up more of the caller’s time.

All our personnel that deal with the public are clinically qualified. Even our front office (Customer Service) depart is staffed by fully qualified nurses. Their priority is to first deal with the patients who visit our facility and then be available to callers. The same applies to our doctors. We have therefore put a very sophisticated Voicemail System into place so that the caller can leave a clear message containing information such as; name, contact details, and which service is required. Our Team will endeavour to return calls in order of clinical priority, as soon as possible.

Telephone numbers:

Telephone: +27 - (011) - 626 9900

Telephone : +27 - (071) - 443 8001 (for mobile callers)

Practice Manager: +27 - (071) - 443 8002

Telefax: +27 - (086) - 509 2250

SMS service: if you are sending from a Vodacom number, please send to: 082 007 0052 10798

if you are sending from a MTN number, please send to: 083 775 8000 10798

if you are sending from a Cell C number, please send to: 084 000 2280 10798

Whenever you send us a SMS, please always first display your innovir patient reference number.

A sms can only be sent from the mobile number that you have registered with the institute.

If we receive a sms and the “sender mobile number” does not match the “innovir patient number” the message will automatically be deleted.

This procedure is intended to protect the confidentiality of your personal and medical information held my the institute, therefore it is very important that you inform us as soon as possible in the event that your mobile number changes.

Please note the response time can be up to 12 hours as the GSM service providers will convert your sms into e-mail format and then send it on to us. We will only be able to action your requests during office hours.

2012/3 Closed Periods:

Christmas Holidays: 20 Dec 13 – 10 Jan 14